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von c.kuetbach am September 5, 2014

Not working?

.my-image {
    gwt-image: 'imageSource';


@sprite .my-image {
    gwt-image: 'imageSource';

instead. There is a bug in the CSS compiler. There needs to be a whitespace after an annotation. Just typing a ' ' after @sprite is also OK.

von c.kuetbach am October 12, 2012

Just found a new bug in android 3.2 WebView:

Assume you have created a nice hybrid application with phonegap. You set the viewport, with minscale, maxscale and usescalable=no.

The width of the viewPort is set to device-width.

BUT, in android 3.2 apps, you can drag your app arround.

Nothing to find with weinre, the DOM looks great.

Then I removed an css attribute from body:

    -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0) rotate(0) scale(1);

And the problem was gone.