von c.kuetbach am September 25, 2014
DOMAIN=""     # Your domain
DEVICE=""     # Your device (eth0, wlan0)
PASSWORD=""   # Your has from afraid.org

### No changes beyond this line

INET6_OLD=$(nslookup -q=AAAA $DOMAIN | grep AAAA | awk -F "address " '{print $2}')
INET6_NEW=$(ip -6 addr show dev $DEVICE | grep inet6 | grep global | awk '$1 == "inet6" {gsub(/\/.*$/, "", $2); print $2}')

if [ "$INET6_OLD" = "$INET6_NEW" ]; then
        echo "Not changed => Not updating"
        echo "Changed from '$INET6_OLD' to '$INET6_NEW'"
        curl -k $SERVER$INET6_NEW

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