von c.kuetbach am November 20, 2014

I just bought my first Amazon Fire TV

A small set-top box for browsing Amazon Instant Video or

This box is really tiny, but powerful: A Quad Core CPU with 2GB RAM.

After viewing an annoying intro video, which I couldn't skip, everything worked as expected.

There is a SPMC App in the Amazon App Store, but this was not compatible with the Fire TV.

I really wanted a XBMC App on this device. I googled a lot. This is the way to do it:

  • Load the actual spmc.apk from
  • Load adbFire
  • Install the apk with adbFire
  • Buy the spmc App from the Amazon App Store for 0,00€. This app is marked as not compatible wit the Fire TV, but (the cake) is a lie. It will work.
  • Now you have to sync all bought items. This will create a shortcut on the launcher.
  • Some tweaks: You should disable Hardware Acceleration, this will increase the Framerate.


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